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Clinical Pastoral Education for the 21st Century!


Our Mission //


The primary mission of The Clinical Clergy Institute, is to prepare women and men for a successful career in Chaplaincy. Institutional Clinical Ministry is much different than Parish/Congregational ministry, and at CCI, we utilize proven clinical methodology to ensure that our Chaplains are equipped with the necessary skills to provide the pastoral care that patients, families, and employers have come to expect from clinically trained Chaplains. 


It is apart of our mission to help you identify and discover your strengths, while helping you to establish your pastoral identity and claim your pastoral authority in a clinical setting. We aim to produce competent Chaplains and Ministerial leaders that are capable of the critical reflection that is necessary for effective clinical ministry in the 21st century.


What is Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education, or CPE, is training for clergy 

(or some qualified laypersons) that teaches exceptional women and men how to integrate theory into the practice of ministry. Clinical pastoral education is the primary method of training for hospital and hospice chaplains in order to provide professional/ethical spiritual care in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Innovative Virtual Model

Our CPE utilizes a virtual model, which allows you to complete requirements from your home location, with no travel involved. Each of our CPE units consist of 300 clinical hours and 100 educational/classroom hours in a group setting. With our innovative virtual model, you can complete your clinical hours where you are, while completing the structured group/classroom requirements virtually via zoom with your CPE educator and your CPE group.

Schedule of Tuition and Fee's

- $500 Per Unit


- Professional resume' review with each unit & employment assistance upon completion


- All educational material included in unit tuition.

- Payment plans are available